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Are your tech experts good leaders?

Are you getting the most out of the brilliant technical minds in your organization?

Technical Minds Think Differently

Tech2Leader is a total leadership development system focusing on the unique characteristics of technology minds and designed to engage them for personal growth and leadership. Our proven methodology leverages their strengths in technical thinking and closes gaps to deliver positive organizational outcomes.

A Different Approach to Leadership Development

Tech2Leader has studied how tech minds work within organizations. Very often technology experts are promoted to lead other tech people – but since they are "wired" differently, the results can be dismal. We frequently see situations where tech leaders maintain their "doer" mentality and stay buried in the weeds to solve problems. Communication, collaboration and coaching are limited and conflicts may grow while productivity suffers.

Keep the Experts + Build Leaders

Tech2Leader understands the ROI of retaining technical talent and building leaders from within. Your internal technical experts are your brain trust – a valuable asset. We help organizations retain brilliant technology experts - reducing turnover costs and saving hiring and onboarding costs. By building a positive, engaged culture where the experts gain effective leadership skills, organizations save costs while becoming more innovative and competitive.

Brain-based Solutions Deliver Results

Tech2Leader applies deep expertise in the tech mind and pairs it with a neuro-psychology approach to deliver leadership development that speaks to the unique brains of technical people. Our solutions help individuals increase personal presence, skills and productivity. Tech2Leader transforms your organization's brilliant minds from a technology mindset to a leadership outlook – benefiting the individual and the organization.


Tech2Leader RESULTS

  • Transform technical gurus into leaders
  • Keep organizational brain trust
  • Increase organizational agility
  • Increase change absorption
  • Minimize impact of difficult employees
  • Improve communication, decision-making
  • Improve collaboration, innovation
  • Reduce costs, drive financial growth

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