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Tech2Leader has helped a broad range of organizations and individuals meet challenges – whether it is to transform behaviors, develop leadership capabilities, engage others, and more.

Improve Managerial Behaviors and Tech Employee Engagement


Based on recent employee opinion survey scores, a large national communications provider wanted to improve IT management’s engagement with their tech employees, improve managerial behaviors, and continue driving business results.

  • Improve EOS scores
  • Improve management’s ability to engage technology experts
  • Facilitate better relationships across departments


  • Implemented T2L Manager2Leadership Forum + Method2Mastery Program
  • 1-year engagement of monthly team meetings and on-the-job activities
  • Developed management and leadership skills
  • Addressed understanding broad IT issues + employee engagement
  • Required Senior leader and CIO participation

Made significant improvements over the 2012 EOS survey:

  • Teamwork +24%
  • Manager Effectiveness +5%
  • Rewards & Recognition +9%
  • Customer Focus +10%
  • Communication +13%
  • Growth & Development +6%
  • Involvement & Belonging +7%

Transform Technology Expert Via Leadership Coaching


A technology expert within the IT organization of a large communication company was identified as a valuable, potential senior leader. He was a young manager with only two direct reports at the time.

Move the tech expert from his current transactional technology-oriented focus to become more of a transformational leader who could manage a department, broader projects and handle more direct reports.

Solution: Manager2Leader Coaching

  • Implemented 12-Month Coaching Program
  • Administered Leadership Style Assessments
  • Curriculum: Brain-based decision making, personal brand building, building self-awareness, emotional intelligence, managing up, down and sideways, developing direct reports, managing changes
  • Included on-the-job activities, networking with other leaders, reading list, follow up calls for several months


Over 5 years, the tech expert has been promoted several times and now reports to the CIO. He successfully manages a large governance / project management department within IT. He credits his success to the Manager2Leader Coaching process.

Guide Executive Team in Aligning and Communicating Strategic Vision

The executive team of a mid-size telecom fiber optic company was struggling with strategic direction, alignment and communication skills. Most of the executives had grown through the technology ranks of the company into their current roles.[su_spacer]


  • Establish clear strategic direction with agreement
  • Better understand each other’s communication style
  • Improve team’s performance on business challenges


  • Leadership Style assessment administered to each executive
  • Individual feedback and coaching provided to each executive
  • Two-day Tech@Top Forum completed as a retreat


"The Tech@Top Forum saved us. You are a big part of that success and I thank you. We were a train wreck waiting to happen and now we are in control of the tracks every day, working with each other for the good of the employees and the company."

Develop Leadership Skills of Entire IT Team


The IT team of a mid-size data storage organization had been growing with a presence in the US and worldwide. The technology experts, supervisors and early managers needed leadership development in the areas of communication and change management.

Increase awareness, knowledge and skills in leadership capabilities.

Solution: Implemented Tech2Manager Forum

  • Applied complete Method2Mastery Curriculum
  • In-class and on-the-job assignments
  • Relevant reading assignments


Each expert, supervisor and early stage manager improved in communication style, presentation capabilities, delegation, managing their teams, and broader skills of management.

"Tech leadership is firmly in your wheelhouse.  You handled my team masterfully and really related to their dynamic in a great way."