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Learning Forums for Early, Mid and Senior Level Leaders

For Your Early, Mid-Career and Senior-Level Leaders

Expert2Manager – 1st Time Managers

Designed to introduce new supervisors and managers to the competencies of leadership. Focusing on how to build a leadership brand from the start and leveraging their traits and abilities to manage direct reports while remaining heavily involved at the task level. They will come away with knowledge of leadership skills appropriate to their beginning adventure into technology management.

Sample topics:

  • 2LeadSelf: Increased awareness of one’s own skills and style
  • 2LeadSelf: Prioritizing for success
  • 2LeadSelf: The Successful Technology Manager
  • 2LeadOthers: Moving from Task to People
  • 2LeadOthers: Directing and guiding brilliant minds
  • 2LeadOthers: Delegation while doing
  • 2LeadBeyond: Management skills to build a career
  • 2LeadBeyond: Learning to manage up, down and sideways
  • EXPERT2MRG: Group Coaching

Manager2Leader – Transaction to Transformation

Designed to take mid-career managers, senior managers and directors to the next level of leadership performance. The focus is managing self, others and beyond; and integrating them together for transformational performance.

Sample topics this forum series has focused on:

  • 2LeadSelf: Awareness building for top personal leadership performance
  • 2LeadSelf: The successful technology leader
  • 2LeadSelf: Impeccable communications
  • 2LeadOthers: Delegation instead of doing
  • 2LeadOthers: Managing Managers
  • 2LeadOthers: Leading a workforce of brilliant minds
  • 2LeadOthers: Leading an engaged workforce
  • 2LeadOthers: Building trust as a path to a successful career and organization
  • 2LeadBeyond: Political Savvy and Partnering
  • 2LeadBeyond: Being a Business Partner

Tech@Top – CIO and Senior Tech Leaders

Designed for technology department and enterprise leaders. Utilizing peer and thought leadership, this series of forums is highly customized to meet the specific needs of the learning cohort group.

Sample topics this forum series has focused on:

  • 2LeadSelf: Building enhanced awareness for team collaboration and team building
  • 2LeadOthers: Strategic thinking and direction for the technology organization
  • 2LeadOthers: Employee Engagement Improvements
  • 2LeadBeyond: Talent Succession for the organization
  • 2LeadBeyond: Partnering across the organization
  • 2LeadBeyond: Technology organizational effectiveness
  • 2LeadBeyond: Branding the technology organization
  • Tech@Top: Executive group coaching